Studious is proud to look after many prolific voiceover artists throughout Australia. We understand the critical nature that often accompanies this discipline, and the need for pristine outcomes, every time. As with all our work, we strive to make you the best studio system within your budget.

Source Connect

One of the ways we assist voiceover clients in their work is by utilising remote-recording capabilities via Source Connect software.

Source Connect is used in all corners of the globe for daily, reliable, realtime and high quality audio connections via the Internet. Source Connect enables our clients to work from anywhere and successfully do their thing.

Being professionally involved with internet technologies from back in the dialup days - internet-based technology is in our DNA! Studious are Source Connect gurus, so please get in touch with us if you want to make the most of working from your own studio. Check out this groundbreaking software here.

Acoustic Treatment

No voiceover (or any) studio is complete without Acoustic Treatment. For more info check here!

A Letter of Appreciation

AHHH!... Ritchie Jay, you’re a star! It is never too big, too hard or too late for your vast I.T knowledge and brilliant expertise. Your professional commitment and kind character, your due diligence and care in following up with your clients is a mark of respect to you, my friend. 

Studious is a unique and very valued service to have alongside as a professional in ‘The Industry’…Bugs, gremlins, I.T and networking issues with studios always seem to hinder and interrupt the creative process at just the wrong time… and with the demands and deadlines placed on many studio professionals, this can be derailing. I often find myself running short on time as I try to be fruitful in my family and professional field. 

Ritchie, your understanding of audio, music, the production process, I.T and networking in this digital media era are second to none… 
You’re the best mate! We’d call you a “triple threat” in the world of entertainment and performance. 

What a blessing you have been in solving my tech issues and helping me streamline my working environment so I can spend more time with the most important people in my life… My family.

Thanks again Ritchie.
— Nick McKay / Actor, Presenter & Voice Artist